Secrets In Phoenix (Review #70)

Secrets In PhoenixToday’s book is Secrets In Phoenix:

Author: Gabriella Lepore

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Summary: When Sophie Ballester and her twin brothers Sam and Todd are uprooted from their home and sent to a remote boarding school run by their Great Aunt Ness, they stumble upon a hidden room that holds a secret—a secret that will change everything.

The people of Phoenix Holt are not what they seem.

In fact, nothing is.

I received this book from Of Tomes publishing for review, and loved it. One of the best books from 2015, and I read it within a day, as I was so drawn in. Enriched with flawless description, and amazing characters, I loved how this book knew how to draw me in, and keep me in.

The world created is a beautiful place, and Gabriella’s writing is simply incredible. I don’t know what I’d do without this book now.  I love all of the characters, and found myself liking most of them (not an easy thing to do).

I actually need a sequel (who doesn’t) and would love to see the development of Sophie’s (and the twins’) skills and how they live their lives after the events…

My favourite line/description: “The trunk was sculpted into two parts: one broad section with a second strip of bark running through it, winding like ivy. The sections were apart and yet always intertwined.”

What I also loved was how it was humorous at points, but then so serious and action-packed at other parts.

Overall, just an amazing book, that everyone NEEDS to check out.


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