The Wall (Review #67)

The WallToday’s book is The Wall:

Author: William Sutcliffe

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Summary: Joshua lives with his mother and step-father in Amarias, an isolated town, where all the houses are brand new. Amarias is surrounded by a high wall, guarded by soldiers, which can only be crossed through a heavily fortified checkpoint. Joshua has been taught that the Wall is the only thing keeping his people safe from a brutal and unforgiving enemy.

One day, Joshua stumbles across a tunnel that leads underneath the Wall. The chance to catch a glimpse of life on the other side of The Wall is too tempting to resist. He’s heard plenty of stories about the other side, but nothing has prepared him for what he finds . . .

I read this book a while back now, and I thought that it wasn’t bad… I thought the writing was good! The first few pages really grabbed my attention and Joshua was decscribed well. The pace of the book was steady, however, I felt it could have been a bit faster especially as it’s meant to be a book full of action… The storyline followed through well and the ending was good, possibly a bit confusing. My interest never tailed off though and I found that whilst this book wasn’t the best, I did enjoy reading it.


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