Sunkissed (Review #64)

SunkissedToday’s book is Sunkissed:

Author: Jenny McLachlan

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Swedish Islands 😉

Series: #3 in the Ladybirds Series

Summary: He watches me with his dark eyes. I take a deep breath, then I shut my eyes and I jump.

Kat can’t believe she’s been banished to Sweden for the summer! How will she survive without her friends, or even a phone signal?

But once in the land of saunas, nudity and summer sun, Kat soon realises it’s not just about boys, what she’s wearing or how straight her hair is. It’s time to embrace who she really is, underneath what people expect her to be.

Firstly, can we just admire the beauty of this cover. It’s fun, it’s fresh and summery. Mostly, it fits the atmosphere of the book perfectly. I’m very happy with this one at the front of my shelf.

I liked Flirty Dancing, and may have missed Love Bomb, but Sunkissed was just an improvement, which is hard to say… The characters felt so real, and not just fictional, one-dimensional paper people. I loved Kat and Leo, both of whom had very real personalities.

The setting was very unique, and I loved it. It tied in Swedish words/traditions, and made it modern, so Kat could freak out like a normal teen would now. Personally, without talking to friends could change me.

The storyline was a refreshing take on the rom-com type of stories that seem just too cliche nowadays. However, this book took that cliche in it’s stride and tweaked it to become new. To be honest, I could happily see this as a movie that I’d watch.

Now, I know I need the rest of the series, and I will happily enjoy it, but I think that Kat and Leo’s story will forever be my favourite of the Ladybirds…


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