Enclave (Review #59)

Firstly, WordPress has just notified me that it has been exactly 1 YEAR!! One year ago, I created this blog, not expecting much to come out of it. Now, a year later, I receive ARCs, I have people who view this, I met Cathy Cassidy today, one of my childhood authors and I’m going to YALC this summer. What a year for me! So, I just wanted to say, THANK YOU. Without you, I wouldn’t be still typing this.

EnclaveToday’s book is Enclave:

Author: Ann Aguirre

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 scars 😉

Summary: New York City residents, decimated by war and plague, live underground in Enclaves, barely able to live past age 20. Deuce, age 15,  has trained as a Huntress for most of her life,and is paired with odd Fade, a boy located Topside. The Elders ignore Deuce and Fade’s warnings of a smarter race of Freaks, and exile both. Guided by old memories, Deuce and Fade find themselves in gang-infested ruins, and the pair face an apocalyptic world with new dangers and feelings unlike anything they’ve experienced before. Will they survive outside the Enclave?

So, I picked up this book at my library, having half heard vague things about this book, it being in the adult section, and me ignoring it. I shouldn’t have. To be honest, I class it as YA fiction and it was very good. I’d have expected it to be well-known by now, and it should be. Whilst I struggled with the understanding of characters, I understood why. Why should I be able to understand an illiterate 15 year old who’s lived in dark caverns her whole life?

The concept was very zombie, dystopian type of genre which I did like and the whole plot development was very good. It was a read that I debated not picking up and I’m proud of myself for doing it. The writer was very good with her words and somehow knew exactly what to write to get me hooked.

Overall, a very good book which made me consider how the human race will be in a few years time…


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