Ceri’s Random Posts (#32)

Hello! I hope everyone that’s on half term is having a great time! I’m definitely enjoying doing nothing. I’m not sure what to do today… I think I’ll go for a good old fashioned list post. I remember my first Tuesday post was putting celebrities into factions, so I could give celebrities an actual character this time.

Ok, this is how it’s going to go- I’m going to pick a celebrity e.g. Michael Jackson and choose a well-suited character for them e.g. Moon Face then explain why… I’m going to do the first five people I know that come up with random celebrity generator so I don’t always write posts including the same sort of people! The explanations will probably be quite short sorry because I’m v busy.

First up is Robert Pattinson! Ok well I know I talk about Twilight a lot but he was the first person that came up so… I’m not going to be boring and say Edward. Instead I’m going to go for someone from Tapas and Tears by Chris Higgins (I’ve decided to use a random generator for the book too). I shall choose Pablo because that is the only guy from it that I remember the name of. I actually think it’s quite fitting because he is the leading man and he is really cheeky, like sort of naughty and I can imagine RP being like that. Especially as he was basically a killer in Twilight.

Next we have Kate Winslet and I am not choosing Rose from Titanic. Instead I shall be picking someone from City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare. Thank god at least I remember the characters in this book. I think I will choose Jocelyn because Kate Winslet is quite a motherly figure. She is very pretty like Lena Heady is in the movie as well.

Ooh and next is Drew Barrymore, aw she is such a sweetie. I love Drew Barrymore! Ok so she has to be a nice character obviously and that character is going to be from… Les Misérables by Victor Hugo. Oh my god I thought I’d never have to mention that book again. Drew can be Fantine because she’s absolutely beautiful. Fantine is such a caring, devoted mother like Drew is in ‘Blended’.

Ok so now we have Christina Aguilera who is going to be a character from Out of My Depth by Helen Bailey. Out of My Depth is part of the Electra Brown series for those of you who don’t know and Helen Bailey is a lovely author. Christina can be Electra because Christina is always centre stage and full of energy like Electra! I imagine Christina having a hot boyfriend like Electra as well (I have no idea who she’s going out with).

And lastly we have Ryan Reynolds who stars in one of my favourite movies- The Proposal! The book he has to be chosen from is… I Love Genie: Wishful Thinking by Rose Wilkins. God it’s been a while since I read that book. I think Ryan would make a good Ash because he would be very good at being hot and sarcastic. I bet Ryan would love popping out of a ring to grant wishes- he should be cast if they make it into a movie.

That’s all for now, so I hope those of you on half term enjoy the rest of the holiday! Bye!


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