Turning The Page (#12)

Turning The Page is my event where I add the current page of the book I’m reading RIGHT NOW!! Exceptions of this is where the page gives away spoilers as I know how frustrating that can be…

Apple and RainThe book that I am currently reading is Apple and Rain by Sarah Crossan:

My copy was published in February 2015 by Bloomsbury Books. I’m currently on Page 169, so here it is:

‘Why’ve you got that freaky look on your face? Is your headache really bad?’ Del asks.

‘Put your stuff in your pockets. You can’t use the mermaid bag,’ I tell him. I take off down the corridor. ‘Now come on, Madame Moreau hates people being late!’ Del runs behind me.

‘Your nan was speaking to my mum. Told her you’d moved out. So, you won’t be back?’

‘It’s really not any of your business.’

‘Mum said your nan started crying. Mum says she misses you like mad.’ I stop outside Madame Moreau’s classroom. I’m panting from the run. I want to ask Del more about Nana. What exactly did she say to his mum? Why was she crying? For a second, my throat feels like somebody’s stoppered it up with a cork. My head thrums. Del holds me up.

‘You all right, Apple?’ he asks. I push him away.

‘Of course I am. I think my headache has turned into a migraine.’ The classroom door opens and Madame Moreau glowers at me. Behind her, the room is dark and French voices blare from the Smartboard.

‘Why are you chatting in the hallway and not sitting at a desk, Mademoiselle Apostolopoulou?’ she asks. She’s the only teacher who ever attempts to say my surname.

Let me know what you think of the page or even the whole book down in the comments below!!



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