Ceri’s Random Posts (#25)

Hola chicas y chicos

I hope everybody had a lovely Easter! So last time I started Edward Cullen’s trial. I’m not really sure how that went but I’m going to carry on anyway. I bet everybody is REALLY excited to hear that (YEAAHH!!!). Last time we heard a statement from the prosecutors and the defenders. Today we are now going to bring in a witness. Below I have put the previous statements as a reminder:

Prosecutor: We have reason to believe that Edward Cullen physically abused Isabella Cullen. Jacob Black went to the police on Isabella Cullen’s behalf. This indicates that Isabella Cullen was too frightened of Edward Cullen to speak out. As you can see from the pictures (there are pictures of finger shaped bruises on Bella) it is clear that Isabella Cullen has been physically abused as there are bruises in the shape of fingers. On Isabella Cullen’s medical record, it states that Isabella Cullen had a horrific accident, in which she broke several bones. It has been confirmed that Edward Cullen was with her at the time of this incident.

Defender: Edward Cullen would never hurt his wife Isabella Cullen. There is no history of violence for either Edward Cullen or Isabella Cullen. Looking at Edward’s school reports, I can see he was a straight A student, on his way to Harvard. Why would a role model student ever hit his wife? He has plenty of common sense, which is proven by his reports. In Edward’s statement, he says “I love Bella. I love her with every inch of my soul.” Does that sound like something a violent man would say? I think not. It is clear to me that Edward is very much in love with Isabella Cullen. There is no reason for him to hurt her. If Isabella did not go to the police herself that shows that she is content with her and Edward Cullen’s relationship. If she was not happy she would be the one to go to the police.

Edward Cullen is being accused of domestic violence.


I would like to call Charlie Swan to the witness box.

Now, Charlie, how would you describe your relationship with Edward Cullen?

I don’t know, well I never liked the guy. I made that clear from the beginning; I gave Bells some pepper spray on her first date with him ‘cause I didn’t trust him at all. We hardly talk but he lets me see Bella and Nessie anyway. I suppose you could say we have a hate/hate relationship. There’s definitely no love in there.

Would you describe him as violent?

Well, I don’t know if he’s violent… all I know is one time Bella was with Edward and she ended up in hospital. She sure as hell looks a lot different now. I’m pretty sure it was Edward that caused her to be so ‘ill’ for a long time. Look, I know Bells loves him, but I’m not sure if he’s that good for her.

Why did Bella end up in hospital?

She broke up with Edward one night and said she was gonna drive all the way home. Next thing I knew she was in hospital with loads’a broken bones. Apparently Edward went to her motel and she fell down some flights of stairs.

And the other time- Charlie. Why was she ill?

I never found out. Everyday Edward told me she was too sick to speak to me. Then one day, Bells called me; she said she was better. Jacob told me to go see her. She looked so different- so so beautiful. They said she had to change a bit because she was ill.

Finally Charlie, are you comfortable with Bella living with Edward Cullen?

No. No way in hell. Bells knows I’m not happy about it. I just want her to be happy but I don’t think she’s safe with him.

Thank you Charlie. Mr Swan is not comfortable with Isabella Cullen living with Edward Cullen. He does not trust him. This supports that Edward Cullen has violent tendencies so therefore could be abusing his wife- Isabella Cullen. Mr Swan has also spoken of two mysterious incidents where his daughter was either ill or hurt when she was with Edward Cullen. In the first case, how do we know Isabella was not pushed down the stairs by Edward? ‘I fell’ seems like an excuse to me. In addition to this, we do not know what Isabella was ill with in the second case and she was denied access to her further. Does this mean Edward had badly hurt her and she had to wait for her injuries to heal? It appears that it is not safe for Isabella to be around Edward.


Okay so I hope you enjoyed this progression in Edward’s case. Next time we shall let the defenders speak again. Good bye!


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