Ceri’s Random Posts (#22)

Hey guys! I thought last time’s post was quite a nice change so I couldn’t resist doing another alternative ending thing for Of Mice and Men. This week I shall be showing you some creative writing I did, continuing on from the end of Of Mice and Men. THIS DOES CONTAIN SPOILERS…


“Aah,” George sighed, scuffing his feet along the worn dry path, treading ants into the dust that filled the cracks. Cracks lined the antiquated path- not quite tearing it apart. As George trudged along, Slim placed a supportive hand on his aching shoulder, trying to ease some of the heavy load George had to carry. They continued down the path in an amiable silence, respecting each other’s need to think to themselves. Each step they took marked another step away from their old lives.

They had only gone down the path for a few minutes before they heard the anxious cries of a woman. Slim stopped. Curley’s wife was the only woman around here for miles and she was dead. As Slim turned around, he saw an old crippled lady hobbling at a worriedly fast pace towards him. She was strange and unfamiliar to him.

“Why George, I don’t suppose ya know that old lady comin’ our way?” Slim enquired. Hastily George spun to look at the old lady. It just so happened that George knew her. He knew her incredibly well. That lined, knowledgeable face was hard to forget. When their eyes connected, dozens of shared memories passed between them. Her eyes flickered briefly to George’s empty side. She paled a little, for George was never to be seen without his loyal giant by his side. “George?” She whimpered. Now somewhat hesitantly, she slunk across the long grass like a panther to where George stood deflated next to Slim.

Tears pooled in George’s puppy dog eyes. “What are you doing here?” He questioned the woman before him. “Well I thought it was ‘bout time I visited y’all. I was just makin’ my way down to the ranch when I heard that God awful gun shot.”

Avoiding the woman’s gaze, George shifted closer to Slim. He chose not to reply. “George? Who was shot?” She persisted. Words failed George; his brain would not coordinate with his mouth. A single tell-tale tear escaped his eye. All three people watched as the tear fell onto the dry path. The ground had never been so fascinating. The woman understood.

“Who?” She said, her voice carefully measured.

When again George refused to answer, she took his hand in hers. “Who shot my Lennie?” She asked, her grip marginally tightening. Looking up into her eyes, George sobbed a strangled “Clara…” That was all it took for Clara to pull George to her, and pull the trigger against his head.

Clara turned her attention to Slim. “Now sonny, y’all won’t tell nobody ‘bout this will ya.”


There you go! I’m sorry if you didn’t want George to die, but he doesn’t in the book and I suppose that’s all that matters right.


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