Turning The Page (#11)

Turning The Page is my event where I add the current page of the book I’m reading RIGHT NOW!! Exceptions of this is where the page gives away spoilers as I know how frustrating that can be…

Feast of Fools by Rachel Caine

The book that I am currently reading is Feast of Fools by Rachel Caine:

My copy was published in 2009 by Allison & Busby. I’m currently on Page 30; here it is:

The lumpy gravy couldn’t be helped. They poured it into a gravy bowl and hoped for the best, then silently carried it out into the dining area, which was really a corner of the living room.

Claire was struck again, as she was at the oddest times, how the mood of the house could change at a moment’s notice. Not just the mood of the people in it – the house itself. Right now, it felt dark, cold and foreboding. Almost hostile. And yet all that dark emotion seemed directed at the intruding vampires. The house was worried, and on guard. The solid Victorian furniture crouched hunched and deformed, nothing warm or welcoming about it. Even the lights seemed dimmed, and Claire could feel something, almost a presence – the way she’d been able to sometimes sense Michael when he’d been trapped in the house as a ghost. The fine hair on her arms stood on end, and her skin pebbled into gooseflesh.

Claire set the eggs and bacon down on the wooden table and backed away. Nobody had asked her, Eve and Shane to take seats, although there were empty places at the table; she caught Eve’s eye and retreated back to the kitchen, grateful to escape. Michael stayed by the table, putting food on plates. Serving. There was a tight, pale set to his face and a cold fear in his eyes, and God, if Michael was panicking, there was definitely reason for a total freak-out…

Let me know what you think of the page or even the whole book down in the comments below!!


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