Ceri’s Monday Updates (#20)


Today I am going to be reviewing all four Sarra Manning books that I’ve read. I’m going to be reading more of her books soon, so I want to review the ones that I have.

Let’s Get Lost

This book was very intriguing and sophisticated. I enjoyed it because I felt sophisticated reading it, which is a nice thing because I like feeling sort of posh. It was very relaxing in a way, because there weren’t any major issues (that I remember). I liked it when the girl (sorry- this was ages ago) lied to Atticus person about her age. That’s sort of all I remember but it’s very good and lovelyyy.

Nobody’s Girl

Aww this book is so good! I read this book for the first time when I was nine and I didn’t really understand/ appreciate it. To be honest, I only read it because I got it at Queen of Teen and Sarra told me to wait till I was older to read it, so of course I read it straight away. At the time I would have described the book as ‘hmph’ BUT when I actually understood the book I realised that it was pretty awesome as well as one of my favourite books. I love the way Sarra writes about relationships abd how friendly ones can become turbulent and romantic. The way she described Toph and Bea was adorable. In fact I think I’m going to read it now because I want to hear about Toph again. GUYS READ IT. There’s travelling in there as well which is cool.

Guitar Girl

I can’t really remember this book but it was a really good read. The main thing I like is how I think it was the two people in the band or something that got together. I liked that but then I can’t remember if he turned on her, which then means I didn’t like that bit but you know dramatic story line. Ooo you know what it was really cool because the story was told from end to beginning to end which doesn’t make sense but whatever. Speaking from experience, you should probably be older to read the book but if you like music then you would probably enjoy it.


Right so I think I actually remember this book. Well I love this book because I can relate to it. I’m glad Jean got with Michael, because it proves you don’t have to be ‘pretty’ and ‘nice’ to go out with a hot boy. I’m not a stunner either and I’m very sarcastic so it’s nice to know there is hope for me and Jack Gilinsky. It was interesting to see how Jean- the weird one, got on with Michael- the cool one, as you wouldn’t normally throw those two people together. Additionally, I’m glad Jean remained true to herself at the end because that made her a strong role model!

I’m sorry I can’t really remember any of the books, but Sarra Manning is an awesome writer- so definitely check out her books! іAdios!


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