Ceri’s Monday Updates (#18)

Happy new year!!!
One of my resolutions is to be more careful because I just broke my laptop so that was a great start to the year. Well today I’m going to review Of Mice and Men and Bridget Jones: Mad about the Boy and Pretty Little Liars: Flawless.

First of all I wanted to tell you about this reading schedule I came up with for thus year. So I haven’t been reading much at all for ages now and I have about 100 books I haven’t read yet. I’ve had most of them ages so I thought it would be good to read them all before 2016. I counted all the pages in every book, then added them together and divided by 365, and u worked out I need to read 78 pages a day to get through all my books this year. This would only take me a bit more than an hour to read every day! I thought this was quite a good way to get through all your unread books, so maybe you should give this method a go!

Anyway on with the reviews! Amazingly, in the holidays I’ve managed to read three books! Of Mice and Men is very short and I’ve read it before, but I still thought this was quite good for me. I read Of Mice and Men probably two years ago and I decided to reread it as I’m going to be studying it in English this term. Even though I rarely read books like this, I actually really enjoyed it. My favourite thing about it, is that its very short because books keep getting longer and longer these days.

Of Mice and Men is REALLY good because it made me cry. If a book makes me cry it shows that the author is sensational because they write so well they can manipulate your emotions. Also, the  fact that the book is so short yet I can relate to the characters and cry is awesome. I love how it ends as well because its very emotional- like Titanic- but worse (in a good way).

Right on to the next book- Pretty Little Liars: Flawless. Im going to be honest here and say that Im a fake fan of PLL. So I haven’t seen any episodes and I’ve only read the first two books but I’m already obsessed with it and I googled what happens anyway. If I ever review anymore  PLL books, I’m sure  I’ll describe it as outstanding because I think the whole concept of the series is brilliant!

My favourite characters are Aria and Ezra, which meant I didn’t like this book as much because there were hardly any Eria moments. I was content with the Spencer and Wren but I can’t believe what happened at the end with them. Also, I think Emily and Toby would’ve been really cute together so I was annoyed with what happened to Toby. The ending wasn’t good because of what happened to Toby but Im glad I finally found out what the Jenna/Toby secret was.

If you have no idea what I was talking about with the different characters then I would suggest you read the book because the story flows really well and theres always lots of cliff hangers! There are really cute romantic bits in there as well. I have to say it reminds me of Hollyoaks but its Rosewood and its better.

Finally, onto Bridget Jones: Mad about the Boy. YES!! I cant believe I’ve finally finished reading the Bridget Jones books. This book wasn’t even that bad it was better than the second book anyway. DANIEL WAS IN IT. OOH AND TOM. I wasn’t too bothered about Mark being dead because I didn’t like him anyway. What I was annoyed about though was that Shazzer was replaced with Talitha. Shazzer was a very important character in the first two books, so it felt wrong for her to be replaced.

The kids were ver ver cute, I was so glad Bridget had her kids to keep her company. I loved her stories about going to the kids things like to Billy’s concert and his parents evening. Whenever she met Mr. Wallaker I chuckled. I dont want to ruin the ending but I thought it was lovely, so I hope there’s not going to be any more books because I’d like Bridget to keep her happy ending if that makes sense.

Goodbye for now!


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