Ceri’s Monday Updates (#16)

Ugh I actually wrote loads but my computer deleted it so I have to write again. I finally finished reading Bridget Jones’s Diary: The Edge of Reason! YAAASSSSSSS I hope Kathy’s proud. I can’t believe it’s taken this long; I also can’t believe that I still haven’t decorated my bedroom with Christmas stuff. Actually I am going to stop and do it now (well at the time of writing/ rewriting).

Right now that’s sorted let’s get going with Bridget Jones’s Diary: The Edge of Reason or as I call it, BJ2 (Bridget Jones 2). I loved the first book, so I thought I’d love BJ2, but sadly I didn’t really. I was expecting the books to be like the movie and unfortunately they weren’t. My favourite part of Bridget Jones is Daniel because in the movie I like looking at Hugh Grant, and he is hilarious so you know. Well I find everything hilarious but Daniel has that dry sense of humour that just makes me chuckle.

I swear Daniel was in this THREE times. You don’t even understand how disappointed I was. There were probably ten sentences in total about Daniel, which was a huge mistake in my opinion. The bit that tickled me most was when Daniel said Bridget didn’t know where Germany was because Daniel is like me if I was Michael McIntyre. That didn’t make sense but I what I meant was that I love Daniel.

Well I don’t even like Mark that much but I was sad that he wasn’t in it. There weren’t any guys in it for god’s sake. I thought Bridget might go off with ‘sexy Matt’ or whatever but no she just decided to whine about a whole in the wall the whole book. This Gary the builder guy wasn’t much of a bonus to the book was he? I can’t believe he sent Bridget a bullet with her name on, that was a bit anti climatic.

What shocked me most was that Mark didn’t propose in the book. WHAT. It would’ve livened things up a bit god. Oh and there wasn’t that girl that wanted to go out with Bridget, it was just Rebecca that wanted to go out with Mark- how boring?? Then THAILAND. She didn’t even do anything in Thailand! Why wasn’t Daniel in Thailand? The events could’ve been way better seriously. OH MY GOD AND TOM. WHERE WAS TOM?

Funnily enough I did like some of this book. Well I liked the Kenyan tribe man and the wedding with Jude and Vile Richard. That wedding was cute bless it. Although having said that, the wedding wasn’t written in much detail AND tribe guy wasn’t in the book long. I’m not looking forward to reading the third one but it’ll be bearable. I liked BJ2 when I was reading it, I just realised how spectacularly crap it was afterwards, so yh I think I can tolerate BJ3

Merry Christmas!


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