Ceri’s Monday Updates (#12)

So I just realised its Sunday not Saturday (I wrote this yesterday) and I have to write today’s post. Unsurprisingly I haven’t read a book, which is really bad sorry. For my review today I am doing the Harry Potter series. Interestingly, I searched ‘best book ever’ on google images, and I found a graph showing the ten most read books in the world. According to the graph, The Holy Bible is the most read book but I don’t think it would be wise to share my views on that. It was followed by Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse- Tung, which I’ve never read, hence I am reviewing the third most read book (Harry Potter).

Well I’m not actually sure what my thoughts are of Harry Potter. I know I like it, but I can’t yet come up with a coherent opinion about it. It was quite a while ago that I read the books, but a negative I remember is that I didn’t think the writing was astounding. I cannot deny that the story line is very vivid and the actual events are extremely creative but the writing could be improved. Stephenie Meyer has received so much criticism for mediocre writing, but I have to say I’ve compared the books and there are tons of brilliant pieces of description in Twilight.

This is where I should use a something marker but whatever. It feels weird to write such big paragraphs but I’m trying to improve my paragraphing. Anyway hmm right well let’s go for something positive now. Apart from the lack of romance I like the plot and when I watched the movies I was entertained as well as touched at times. I honestly don’t know how JK Rowling came up with some of the stuff. Goblet of Fire was sensational, that was brilliant to have a tournament with Robert Pattinson in. I do really love how a whole wizarding world has been created. I absolutely love going round Harry Potter world in Orlando. Every time I go, I feel really proud to be British and everything.

Another thing I dislike about Harry Potter is that for me the characters aren’t relatable at all. I really don’t like the characters. Harry is made out to be really different from everyone and you can’t really tell what he’s thinking, well you can but it’s completely to other books, such as Matched where you basically become the character. I think the point of a story is to be able to relate to another person and learn about them, hear their story. Hagrid’s a nice character actually. I can’t remember but I don’t think there were different points of view in Harry Potter. In my opinion, the best books eventually give another point of view, as it’s way more intriguing to hear the story somebody else’s way, as it provides a better insight into the story.

I would definitely recommend seeing the films, but I don’t think you’re missing out on much if you don’t read the books. The movies are entertaining to watch but I found it hard to keep myself entertained whilst reading the series. Obviously, Harry Potter is loved by millions of people but I’m of the minority view that it is not a literary sensation.

I hope this post hasn’t vexed loads of people. I agree that Harry Potter is really good so yh sorry. I feel like writing a very long post soon about Twilight, and why it is actually amazing compared to many other books people think are better than it. Strangely I do have a bit of a problem with Twilight now (which I will explain in the near future) but I still love it. іAdios! It took me ages to find that upside down exclamation mark oh my god.


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