Ceri’s Monday Updates (#11)


So since I last updated you, I finished Famous in Love and read a small novella called Locked. Also I decided I want to live in Hawaii and I started Bridget Jones’ Diary- The Edge of Reason.

I actually finished Famous in Love about 2 hours after I wrote last week’s post. I stand by everything I said last week, it continued to be amazing!! I wasn’t too sure about the ending but I tweeted the author saying I need a sequel now, and apparently she is going to write a sequel!

Famous in Love was about a bestselling trilogy called Locked being turned into a movie. There is actually a novella called Locked that I read afterwards. I had really high expectations of it, but sadly it didn’t meet my expectations.

I don’t know whether I didn’t like it that much because I sort of forced myself to read it in one go, but yh it just wasn’t that great. The whole tribe thing on the island bored me. No offence but I don’t really care about catching fish and stuff.

Noah and August’s relationship was going nowhere as well. I wish there was more writing about Noah and August and it would be better if it was developed fluidly. I felt like random bits of their relationship was shoved on the pages. To be honest it felt like the author couldn’t be bothered to write it.

Something else should have happened on the island. It was literally: boy and girl crash on island, boy finds out the island needs him, girl goes away on a helicopter. LIKE WHAT THE HELL GIVE ME SOMETHING MORE. I wasn’t bothered if Locked was written as an actual book or not, so it shouldn’t have been written. It should have been like a full book because the novella was just a fail. I feel really bad saying this, but it doesn’t really matter it’s not a proper book anyway.

I REALLY REALLY want Famous in Love to become a movie. I don’t really know how that would work, because they’d have to have camera crew filming camera crew, but you know it could work. It would be awesome because it’s in Hawaii and there would be loads of shots of the sea and beach. I haven’t ever watched a fictional movie about a movie being made, so I think it would do really well because it’s original.

So I’m going to talk about what I’ve read so far of Bridget Jones (which isn’t much), but I’ll do a full review next week hopefully. I haven’t really got into yet but I can’t remember if I’ve even read more than 20 pages so I’m sure I’ll end up loving it.

I’m going to get along with this book if there’s sufficient detail provided about Daniel. If it’s anything like the movie, I’m sure I’ll be pleased. I just hope it’s as hilarious as the first book. I don’t like Mark so as long as Bridget’s not constantly mooning over him it’ll be fabbb.

Hmmm I’m not sure what else to say after reading 20 pages. Well that was a long talk go me.

Toodle pip until next time! Adios


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