Ceri’s Monday Updates (#9)


Well it’s been quite a successful week actually. I had the worst week ever except I actually read a whole book!!! Yes, three exclamations mark are necessary. I actually find it quite funny to be honest because I am supposedly the biggest book worm ever (apart from Katherine) and it’s taken me this long to read a whole book.

So, I finally read Bridget Jones’s Diary. You already know I adore the movies but I’ve never actually read the books. For this speech thing at school I had to choose a book and I chose Bridget Jones’s Diary, so I thought I should probably read it. It is absolutely amazing, exceeding my expectations, and here is what I said in my review/speech:

‘I dived to the loo, locked the door and sat down, staring crazily at the door with one eye. Oh god.’ Bridget Jones’s Diary is a book that almost everybody can relate to, with Bridget’s hilarious honesty about every day issues. Bridget Jones’s Diary provides a highly amusing yet tragic insight into the life of a single woman in her thirties; whom is on a quest to find the perfect man.

Fielding’s writing style is unique, personal and laugh out loud. Frequently, you will find yourself screaming ‘Oh my gosh, I am Bridget’ at the book- opposed to your reaction to Harry Potter, because it is extremely unlikely anyone will be screaming ‘Oh my gosh I’m Harry, I’m a wizard’ at the books.

Don’t just take my word for it that Bridget Jones’s Diary is an unforgettable read. This probably isn’t the first time you’ve heard of it, which is because millions of readers worldwide have enjoyed this book. Furthermore, it has been adapted into a much loved movie, and that would be because so many people have fallen in love with Jones and her two suitors: Darcy and Cleaver.

So, if you haven’t already, I urge you to read this book as well as get more people to read it, because it conveys an important message that women can be and will be who they want to be.

Well I don’t know if this counts but I read another ‘book’ this week as well called The Bad Boy on Wattpad. Even though I have a huge pile of books to read, I find myself reading more and more stories on Wattpad. There’s actually loads of amazing things on there and I reckon half of them will get published. My second favourite book, The Kissing Booth, actually started as a story on Wattpad.

I’m going to count The Bad Boy as a book because it was actually really long. It’s a fanfic about Jack Gilinsky by magconlove27. I love this book so much and I think it would sell phenomenally well. The main thing I loved was how it didn’t even seem like a fanfic, you didn’t even need to know who Jack Gilinsky or Sammy Wilk was to read it.

Of all the fanfics I’ve read this is definitely the best. It didn’t make Jack out to be a celebrity, he was just a normal teenager in it. The only way you know it’s Jack is by the fact that he’s called Jack and they mentioned he lives in Omaha and has dark hair/tanned skin; once. When I’m reading I like to feel comfortable, like everything has to have a suitable explanation and I think this book had that.

There were multiple issues in this book but each time they were resolved in an appropriate yet unpredictable way. I could connect with the story; the protagonist was very relatable. I’m glad the book ended the way it did, as if the main characters got back together, even though it would be nice it’d be predictable and a dead end.

I hope you enjoyed hearing a bit about Wattpad, I hope Katherine will be open to me talking a bit more about that in the future! Bye!



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