Ceri’s Tuesdays of Randomness (#7)


I am actually writing this at a sensible time this time. The only thing is I keep switching between writing this and my history assessment which is taking me agess. ANYWAY that’s irrelevant and today my plan tells me I am supposed to be doing ‘Beautiful book covers’. However, being the rebel I am I’m going to write something horrible about men because I am currently in a mood with men in general.

So basically I’m going to write a list of fictional men and hate on them. Sorry guys I do like you and everything because without men there wouldn’t be Jack Gilinsky and its ok to be negative sometimes so ya

Daniel Cleaver- Bridget Jones’ Diary

Right well hello Daniel. I love him and everything but he is so arrogant and up himself. I’d just like to punch him really a) because I’m quite violent, b) because Mark Darcy was rubbish at beating him up. He’s really mean to Bridget, like he just swans into her life whenever he feels like it; then breaks her heart. Plus all these girls are falling at his feet and I’m just like what the hell how does he deserve that, I know he’s fit but he’s a middle aged idiot.

Edward Cullen- Twilight Saga

When I first read and watched Twilight, I thought Edward was flawless. After watching and reading Twilight many times, I’ve come to realise that actually Edward is subtly abusive. I know last post I dismissed his abusive nature, but that was because I felt that the good over ruled the bad. No one can deny that Edward is extremely controlling. Come on who would break their girlfriends car to stop them from seeing their best friend? He doesn’t even have any emotions like when Bella and Jacob kissed he was just like ok. Can he please sort his life out, thank you very much!

Sutter Keely- The Spectacular Now

Sutter annoyed me the whole book. To be honest I didn’t even like the book it just had an awesome front cover so I was like oooh I have to read that. Firstly I know ‘looks aren’t everything’ but actually looks are quite important to me because not being funny if you marry an ugly person you have to look at them every day for the rest of your life. Yea so anyway Sutter is uglay and I’m not having that AND he has an awful personality, so it’s not as if Aimee can say she’s going out with someone because they’re hot like no he’s just ugh all round. He gets drunk all the time and treats Aimee so bad. He basically turns Aimee into his duvet that can protect him but also he can chuck it in a heap and mess it up. No Sutter no don’t objectify women.

Jared Howe- The Host

What is it with Stephenie Meyer and her dodgy leading men? Now, first of all I liked Jared he seemed like a lovely gentleman. OHH but when I found out he was 9 years older than Melanie well. Actually I think Edward’s 90 years older than Bella so he’s not doing too bad but still. How come older guys can have young women but when older women have young men they get criticized? He shouldn’t be praying on Melanie when she’s in a vulnerable position! When Wanda tells him that Mel’s in there he just completely shuts her out and that is just rude.

Anyway I could write for ages but I think that’s enough for now. I watched Emma Watson’s HeForShe speech today and I just think it was amazing so you should really watch it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-iFl4qhBsE Bye!


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