I Heart Genie: Wishful Thinking (Review #29)

IMG_4435Today’s review is of I Heart Genie: Wishful Thinking:

Author: Rose Wilkins

Publisher: Macmillan Books

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Summary: Officially Fran’s wish list would be something like: 1) World Peace, 2) End Child Poverty, 3) Save The Whales (or the pandas?) Unofficially though, it would be: 1) Quinn Adams, 2) Quinn Adams, 3) Quinn Adams! But how’s Fran going to get the hottest guy in school to notice her? Maybe a mysterious corner shop, an unusual ring and a touch of Arabian magic might help…

This would have been a really good book, had I read it at the age of 8. In fact, 8 year old me would have cherished this book! I found it fun, uplifting but too childish. However, it was a good book and I give credit to the author because I would have needed this book. Younger kids would really enjoy this book and I recommend it to them too!


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