Ceri’s Tuesdays of Randomness (#5)


I’m actually really excited for today’s post! I’ve been wanting to do some sort of game and I couldn’t think of any game I’d rather do than snog, marry, avoid. If you’re not familiar with this game, basically: You are given 3 people/things and you have to decide which you would snog, marry, avoid. In this version I’m just using people, but all the people are going to be fictional characters. I typed character names into a generator to make it more interesting.

  1. Rosalie- Twilight Saga, Simon- TMI, Four- Divergent

I was so annoyed when I got this result. Obviously I’m going to avoid Rosalie but I can’t choose between Four and Simon. I’d really like to marry both of them so problem. I think I’m going to go with Simon because he’s really funny and I don’t want him to be with Izzy. So I guess I’m snogging Four.


  1. Hazel- TFIOS, Link- Beautiful Creatures, Peeta- THG

Ooh I like this set a lot better. Hazel’s a really nice person but I’m straight so I’m going to avoid her. I wonder if she and Isaac would ever get together. Link’s a bit weird and I don’t think he’s particularly hot but he’s alright so I’ll snog him. I love Peeta he’s so cute so we can get married.


  1. Elle- The Kissing Booth, Adam- If I stay, Clay- 13 reasons why

This is quite hard because I want to avoid Elle but then I sort of want to avoid Clay because he has a lot of problems. Well I know I’m definitely going to marry Adam because he’s so sweet and Jamie Blackley’s (who plays him in the movie) hot. I guess if I snog Clay once I don’t have to deal with his problems; so I’ll snog him and avoid Elle.


  1. Atticus- To Kill a Mockingbird, Milly Molly Mandy- Milly Molly Mandy, Daniel– BJD

I’m going to avoid Milly Molly Mandy because she’s like five and there’s no way I’m kissing her or anything. I don’t fancy getting romanticly involved with Atticus. He is a very good man unlike Daniel. Daniel’s hot but I don’t think I’d like to get married to him because he’d probably cheat on me. I’ll marry Atticus seeing as he’s a nice person and I’ll snog Daniel.


  1. Noah- Soulmates, Spud- Would you rather? , Laylen- Fallen Star

I have to marry Noah. He and Simon are like my fictional boyfriends so I have to marry him. Laylen is one of my favourite characters and is described as fit so I will snog him. I know Spud is probably a nice person but he’s got dreadlocks like ew so no I’ll avoid him thank you very much.


  1. Michael- Morganville Vampires, Toby- When it happens, Jem- It’s a 50/50 thing & He’s after me

Jem is just pure evil so he has no chance mate I’m avoiding him. Toby is really cute and is a nice boyfriend to Sarah, I just don’t have a connection with him. Maybe if I met Toby he could be really cool and then I’d marry him. However, I love Michael and guess what, he’s cute. I think Michael and I would make a great married couple.


  1. Jean- Adorkable, Melanie- The Host, Tony- Mates, dates

Jean is just a weirdo no offence she is getting avoided. I swear for the first part of the book her hair is dyed grey. The thought of kissing Mel isn’t exactly a lovely thought but I’d rather snog her than have to stay with her and get married. Tony is probably my number 3 in my list of fictional boyfriends so we are getting married whooo!


I think this is probably my favourite post so far! I will probably do another sma post in 5 or 6 months. I’m really excited for all my Tuesday posts that I have coming up though because I have a list of really cool ideas from my brain and various websites!


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