Ceri’s Monday Updates (#5)


I haven’t read anything this week because I’ve been doing homework and sleeping. Katherine is currently reading Playlist for a broken heart by Cathy Hopkins so I thought I’d do a review of my favourite Cathy Hopkins book.

At last the full story of Tony and Lucy’s romance can be revealed…


Dad slowed down the car as the traffic lights changed and it was then that I saw him. A vision of boy babeness. Dark. Handsome. Chiselled jaw. My heart sped up. It did a boom banga bang in my chest.


‘So what do you think of Lucy and Izzie?’ asked Nesta.

‘Sweet,’ I said.

‘Both of them?’

‘Which is which again?’

Tony has no idea that he is about to fall for the lively, elfin Lucy. But the course of true love never did run smooth – and reading his side of the story as well as hers is an irresistible treat for all Mates, Dates fans. The thirteenth book in the highly successful Mates, Dates series.


My fav is Mates, dates: The Secret Story. It’s a book that includes all of Lucy and Tony’s relationship in the Mates, dates series, plus some extra material. I love the whole series, especially Lucy’s books so this is like the perfect book.

This book is sooo cute. My favourite genre is YA romance so well done to this book. I’ve read this book too many times over the last four years. I would probably say it’s in my five favourite books ever. The other books in the series are amazing too but you know

So yea anyway I like this book a lot because basically I don’t really have to think about what’s happening when I’m reading it or anything. Also it’s just really cute and ‘aww’ if that’s a thing. I like how it’s got bits from all the different books put together to make one story- that’s quite a good idea.

It’s really ‘girly’ and it’s good for people that want a quick read that’s not too depressing or anything. It has everything in it- so if you want to cry or laugh or whatever then you go read it. The characters are relatable and human so don’t worry about complicated vampire stuff either.

Ok this post was way shorter than my other one but on Saturday I made a Jaffa cheese cake and that took ages and I was busy today so I didn’t really have time to write it… I’ll actually read something next week and hopefully do a longer interesting post next Monday! Tomorrow’s post is quite enjoyable though anyway!!



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