Turning The Page (#9)

Turning The Page is my event where I add the current page of the book I’m reading RIGHT NOW!! Exceptions of this is where the page gives away spoilers as I know how frustrating that can be…

The book that I’m currently reading is Playlist For A Broken Heart by Cathy Hopkins. My copy was published by Simon & Schuster in 2014. I’m currently on Page 115; Here it is:

I also realised that, apart from Sainted, the bands were current – which meant that the CD was probably not made too long ago. When Tasmin appeared, I was buzzing with energy. I found the page on my computer about Black Pearl’s gig on Friday and filled her in on what I’d discovered so far. ‘We have to go,’ she said as she read the page. ‘Looks like it might be some kind of music festival. They often have them there.’

‘Cool. And we already know that Mystery Boy likes the band, which is why he chose one of their tracks. Wow, Tasmin, he might be there at the gig.’

‘He might. But how are we supposed to recognize him?’ she asked.

I wasn’t going to be put off. I tapped the side of my nose. ‘Follow the clues.’

Tasmin laughed. ‘You haven’t changed at all,’ she said. ‘I remember when we were little, you used to love mystery games. Remember that Easter when Mum did an Easter egg hunt in the garden? We were about seven. You loved it and found the most. I was so jealous but you shared them with me.’ I vaguely remembered Tasmin with her face covered with chocolate. She was right, I did used to like playing hide and seek or any game that involved having to find someone or something.

Let me know what you think of this book or even just the page! Comment down below…


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