Out of Tune (Review #27)

IMG_4442Today’s review is of Out of Tune:

Author: Beth Reekles

Publisher: Corgi Books

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Summary: Ashley Bennett has it all: a hot boyfriend, Josh, a place in the cool clique at high school, straight A grades… It’s definitely better than when she was invisible, a nobody, ignored by everyone except her best friend Allie. Or make that ex-best friend – Allie and Ashley haven’t spoken since Josh came into the picture. Enter the new boy next-door, Todd. He’s sweet, introspective, and prefers to play his guitar to football. As he and Ashley grow closer, she starts to wonder whether she and Josh have enough in common to go the distance. But what will breaking up with him do to her picture-perfect life? Should she follow her head or her heart?

This book had it all. The up, the downs, and the cutesy romance. This is Beth Reekles’ best work yet and that’s saying something because I really liked The Kissing Booth. Beth has a unique writing style with a flair and I love it. This is what I dream to have, a unique style that people can see as not ‘just another romance book’ because that is what it’s heading towards now. Book ideas have been used before and it’s so hard to come up with new ideas. Beth hit this nail right on the head. Yes, this type of idea has been used several times before, but she makes this her own! This is the book that I’m jealous that I can’t write it. Beth, you inspire me!! Three words to end today’s post: Read This Book.


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