Ceri’s Monday Updates (#4)

Before I do my updates, I just want to say happy birthday to my beautiful baby Cameron Dallas! He’s 20 today so whooo!!

Well hello there everyone,

I’m actually going to add a little on to last Tuesday’s post, as well as talk about the If I stay movie, but there won’t be any spoilers. Then I’m going to do a September book haul sort of thing. I have actually read a few books since last time but I’m not going to review them in today’s post because as you can see I have other things I want to write about.

So I finally went to see If I stay on the third day of it being out in the UK. I can now say that it is my new favourite movie. Also Jamie Blackley, who plays Adam, is my new favourite person. I wasn’t expecting it to be that good, as I didn’t love the book that much but wow. I didn’t like TFIOS book as much as the movie though either.

The movie was actually perfect how it was put together and everything. Adam’s band- Williamette Stone had four songs on the soundtrack. I love all the songs they sang and if I did the soundtrack post again they would definitely be on my list. One song that I am now in love with is Heart like yours. It was so cute when Adam sang it to Mia in the movie, me and my best friend were actually crying.

So on to my September book haul! I’m so excited to read The manifesto on how to be interesting by Holly Bourne! Soulmates is currently my favourite book of all time (I think) so I couldn’t wait to get this book. I’ve been spending all my money on clothes but I finally had enough money to get it so whoo! It’s definitely going to be an amazing read.

I don’t know why but I have taken eight books out of the library even though I have no time to read them. I took out: Glow, Wake, This is so not happening, Eleanor and Park, And then he kissed me, Worst girlfriend in the world, Falling fast, Just one year.

I think that I’ll enjoy Just one year the most, seeing as I’m so obsessed with If I stay- by the same author. Most of the books are girly fun books, which I’m glad of because I don’t need to read anything complicated right now! I’ll let you know what I think when I eventually read some of them.

Sorry today’s post was a bit shorter than normal! I’m back at school now with tonnes of home work so my posts might not be as long and interesting but I’ll try my best. I might not get a chance to read really so on Monday’s I might have to start doing just reviews of my favourite books! Byeee!


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