Turning The Page (#7)

Turning The Page is my event where I add the current page of the book I’m reading RIGHT NOW!! Exceptions of this is where the page gives away spoilers as I know how frustrating that can be…

The book that I’m currently reading is Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. My copy was published by Orion Books in 2012. I’m currently on Page 238. This first part of the page is Eleanor’s POV and Park talks first. Here it is:

‘Which is okay with me because I like you a lot more.’

‘But don’t you miss your other friends?’ she asked.

‘You’re not listening,’ he said.

‘Neither are you.’

He paused the tape, like he didn’t want to waste this song as background music. ‘Sorry,’ he said. ‘We’re talking about whether I miss Cal? I eat lunch with him almost every day.’

‘And he doesn’t mind that you spend the rest of your time with me now? None of your friends mind?’

Park ran his hand through his hair. ‘I still see them all at school… I don’t know, I don’t really miss them, I’ve never really missed anybody but you.’

‘But you don’t miss me now,’ she said. ‘We’re together all the time.’

‘Are you kidding? I miss you constantly.’ Even though Park washed his face as soon as he got home, the black around his eyes didn’t come off completely. It made everything he did lately seem more dramatic.

‘That’s crazy,’ she said.

Park started laughing. ‘I know…’ She wanted to tell him about Maisie and Ben and their days being numbered, etc, but he wouldn’t understand, and what did she expect him to do? Park pushed play. ‘What’s this song called?’ she asked.



Park played Elvis Costello for her – and Joe Jackson, and Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers. She teased him because it was all so pretty and melodic, and ‘in the same phylum as Hall & Oates,’ and he threatened to evict her from his room. When his mom came to check on them, they were sitting with a hundred cassette tapes between them, and as soon as she walked away, Park leaned over and kissed Eleanor.

Awww, that’s really cute… I can’t wait to finish this, although something tells me that my dream ending won’t happen…

Let me know what you think of this book or even just the page! Am I right on what I think the ending will do? Comment down below…


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