Ticket To Love (Review #19)

IMG_4439Today’s review is of Ticket To Love:

Author: Marilyn Kaye

Publisher: Hodder Books

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Summary: Jetting off to the heart of New York City, best friends Jen, Serena, Erica and Megan are on the mini-break adventure of a lifetime. For shopaholic Megan, it’s time to hit the designer rails of Manhattan. But can Megan form a relationship other than with her parent-funded credit card? For hard-working trainee chef Erica, she finally gets to meet her online ‘boyfriend’. But will he match up to his high-flying profile? For celebrity-stalker Jen, their glamorous hotel is a dream come true. But will Jen’s illusions be shattered when she comes face to face with her party-loving idol? And for shy, cultured Serena, the Lincoln Centre and the Metropolitan Museum of Art are going to be the highlights of the weekend. But can she relax enough to let a real life Romeo into her life?

I felt that this book was a light, fluffy, fun read to get me into a good mood. Each character definitely took on their traits and personalities that they were meant to have. I read this fairly quickly. However, as you can see, there is a quote on the front cover that says: ‘Naughty, funny and honest.’ I definitely felt that it was none of these things sadly and to be honest, it was just a book that I didn’t have to scrutinize every word that it said for details. A quick read for me that felt a little disappointing…



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