What’s Next? (#6) – Gloss(y) Summers with Genies

What’s Next is a weekly event hosted by Icey Books that helps bloggers/readers decide on their next book to read. You decide my next read in the comments!

IMG_4432Gloss by Marilyn Kaye:

New York, 1963. Fashion, music and attitudes are changing, and there’s nowhere in the world more exciting. Sherry, Donna, Allison and Pamela have each landed a dream internship at Gloss – America’s number one fashion magazine. Each girl is trying to make her mark on New York and each finds herself thrown head first into the buzzing world of celebrity, high end fashion and gossip. But everything isn’t as glamorous as it seems – secrets from the past threaten to shatter their dreams.



Summer of ’76 by Isabel Ashdown:

It’s the start of one of the hottest summers on record. With windows and doors flung open and life increasingly lived outside, secrets become hard to hide. Luke is all set to enjoy his last few months at home on the Isle of Wight before leaving for college. But when the close-knit community is gripped by scandal, everything he thought he knew about friendship and family is turned on its head.

IMG_4435I Heart Genie: Wishful Thinking by Rose Wilkins:

Officially Fran’s wish list would be something like: 1) World Peace, 2) End Child Poverty, 3) Save The Whales (or the pandas?) Unofficially though, it would be: 1) Quinn Adams, 2) Quinn Adams, 3) Quinn Adams! But how’s Fran going to get the hottest guy in school to notice her? Maybe a mysterious corner shop, an unusual ring and a touch of Arabian magic might help…

What do you think that I should read next? Leave a comment on what you think I should read…


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