World Cup Book Sweepstake

Today, (and everyday hopefully) I am going to start posting my World Cup Book Sweepstake… I did this because I fancied a change in my TBR pile.

How It Works: Each country is represented by a book on my TBR list. (Some may be re-reads and books are chosen randomly, they relate to nothing in the country) Each time a country gets through, the book will move towards the front of my TBR shelves. If a country is eliminated, it moves to the bottom of the pile. The first book of the series will be put down. However, the whole series will move to wherever it is needed.

ImageHere is my sweepstake sheet where I keep track of everything. Next to the country is the title of the book. A cross through the flag means that the country has been eliminated and a black line round the box means that the country has gotten through to the next round. (Sometimes I may be wrong on eliminations, but just leave a friendly post in the comments! People make mistakes!) For any people that cannot see the photo well enough, here are the countries and their books:

Brazil: An Abundance of Katherines

Algeria: City of Bones

Argentina: I Am Number Four

Australia: Let It Snow

Belgium: Clockwork Angel

Bosnia: Looking For Alaska

Cameroon: Running In Heels

Chile: Knowing Me, Knowing You

Colombia: The Hunger Games

Costa Rica: We Were Liars

Croatia: A Kiss In The Dark

Ecuador: Glass Houses

England: The Iron King

France: Night World

Germany: ill Wind

Ghana: Demon Dentist

Greece: A Horse Called Hero

Holland: The Absolutely True Diary of A Part Time Indian

Honduras: Confetti Girl

Iran: The Anti-Vampire Tale

Italy: Alone on A Wide, Wide Sea

Ivory Coast: The Lying Game

Japan: Hex Hall

Mexico: Gallagher Girls

Nigeria: Pretty Little Liars

Portugal: Georgia Nicolson

Russia: Strictly Friends?

South Korea: Model Behaviour

Spain: Ruby Red

Switzerland: The Red Pyramid

United States: It’s A 50/50 Thing

Uruguay: The H-Bomb Girl

Today’s matches are:

ImageColombia vs Ivory Coast





England vs Uruguay


and Japan vs Greece

Eliminations were: Australia – Let It Snow ,Spain – Ruby Red Series and Cameroon – Running In Heels.

Teams that are through are: Holland – The Absolutely True Diary of A Part Time Indian and Chile – Knowing Me, Knowing You.

So which team/book will you root for? Leave a comment below! This should be fun for the next few weeks!


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