White Lies and Tiaras (Review #6)

ImageToday’s Review is of White Lies and Tiaras:

Author: Marilyn Kaye

Publisher: Hodder Children’s

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Summary: Alice Henshaw thought she’d got over her first love, Jack. Even an invitation to his wedding doesn’t get to her – well maybe a little… But Alice has a new boyfriend now, and she’s going to put the past behind her. Arriving for the weekend at the stunning château near Paris where the wedding will be held, Alice and her best friend Lara, their boyfriends Cal and Harry in tow, are all set for a romantic few days in the city of lovers. But weddings have a way of shining a light on relationship issues, and it isn’t long before Alice is questioning her feelings for her boyfriend Cal, along with those for the bridegroom Jack… Not to mention her growing unease with Jack’s fiancée Nathalie.

It’s sad that I didn’t find this book amazing. I normally love YA romance but it just felt so stereotypical for it’s kind. I like books to be original but I felt like I was reading a book that I had already read before. I was predicting every step along the way and it felt dull at points. However, I did like the settings and they were described very well. After reading this, I feel like I want to live in Paris. I wasn’t connecting with this book well enough to enjoy it and the characters felt as if they were simply characters. I love books that have characters who seem as if they are actually real. It was an ok book and not my favourite.

So that’s my opinion of this book. What’s yours? Let me know!



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