Recommendation #2

ImageToday’s recommendation is Looking At The Stars by one of my favourite authors: Jo Cotterill. This book was published by Random House.

What if you had nothing left but the tales inside your head?
This is the tale of an ordinary child, just like any other, apart from the terrible times in which she lives.
This is the tale of an extraordinary child, whose wild imagination gives the people around her a reason to survive.
This is the tale of Amina, separated from her family and forced to flee the war ravaging her country, who finds hope in the power of stories to never give up on the people she loves.
This is a tale of love and war, family and friendship, and it will stay with you for as long as the stars are in the sky

Jo came to my school on World Book Day and I was lucky enough to show her round and make sure she was ok. This meant that I got all my books signed! I acquired this book by a website asking my librarian that as long as they gave an honest review, they could have the book free. Seeing as she knew I loved Jo, my librarian immediately asked me…

After reading this, I thought it was an absolutely stunning book which can hit hard and make you cry. I know I certainly did! The author’s writing is so creative and powerful in this that I think this is possibly one of the best books that I’ve ever read. This book may well be the book of the year for me as I doubt anything could be as good as this! (OK, maybe TFIOS but that comes a close second…) I would certainly recommend it to anybody that’s into powerful books with more difficult subjects..


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