Turning The Page (#2)

Turning The Page is my event where I add the current page of the book I’m reading RIGHT NOW!! Exceptions of this is where the page gives away spoilers as I know how frustrating that can be…

So the book that I’m reading at the moment is Blood Family by Anne Fine. The publisher is Random House. I’m on page 216. Here it is:

” ‘What do you fancy, sweetie? Tea? Coffee? Juice?’ I didn’t feel like anything except a proper drink. But there was no chance of that so I said ‘Tea, please,’ simply from politeness, and sat at the table eating their chocolate biscuits and telling them about Natasha and Nicholas, answering questions about my subjects at school, and how well Alice was doing. ‘She got held back a year. But now that she’s switched subjects, everything’s fine and she’s made up her mind to go to university.’

‘And what about your mum?’

‘Lucy?’ I shrugged. ‘I still see her a bit. She’s much the same.’ Into the silence that followed, I added, ‘But she is happy. She likes the place she is in a lot.’

‘And what about you?’ The nitty-gritty question. What about me? If only lying weren’t so downright easy. I had a choice, clearly. I could have let it all pour out, about the drinking. After all, they must have known that something was wrong. Why else would I turn up there unannounced like that, nervously rattling my tea mug, fingernails gnawed to the quick again, looking like death? It’s not as if I didn’t give myself time to think what to say, because that was the moment I picked to ask to go upstairs. (The bathroom seemed horrifically bright. I had got used to Natasha’s stylish lighting systems. And on the way down, I opened the door to my old room. It was much smaller than I remembered it, and looked more dingy.)

I’m finding this book OK so far, but the POV’s keep changing too quickly for me. Have you read this book? Leave a comment below!!


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