Forbidden Friends (Review #1)

Review (#1) Forbidden Friends by Anne-Marie Conway

When Lizzie and Bee meet on holiday, it feels as if they were always meant to be friends. Escaping their parents and exploring, everything seems perfect in the hot summer sun. But as the two girls grow closer, strange questions rise to the surface… Is Lizzie really an only child? Why has Bee’s dad disappeared? And why, as the holiday comes to an end, are the two girls forbidden from seeing each other ever again?

I was lucky enough to meet the author of the book and get it signed at my local book awards. I’d read her first book, Butterfly Summer and loved it. So, I bought this one. I can think of three words to describe this book: Amazing, Dramatic and Mysterious… I wrote only the blurb in because I didn’t want to accidentally spoil anything in case you decide to read it. Leave a comment below about it! What do you think the mystery is? I won’t tell you though. You’ll have to read it to find out… Overall, a good book, 4/5 stars.


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